Executive Coaching

  • Do you want to fine tune your interpersonal skills?
  • Improve your Leadership & Management skills?
  • Do you need to be able to motivate and build productive teams?
  • Do you need some skills to be able to discover ways to handle difficult situations?
  • Would you like to get some independent advice, safe in the knowledge it will be confidential and non-judgemental?

One-to-one coaching focuses on the outcomes you want to achieve, and offers a valuable alternative to more formal training courses

 "Through insightful questions and the use of real life examples, Brian is helping me understand how to be a better leader. The coaching sessions give me a clearer understanding of how people might respond to my actions and how I could improve my skills. My new self-awareness is allowing me to improve my leadership style, which is ultimately benefiting my company as a whole. Working with Brian is very enjoyable and a great learning experience. I would highly recommend him to others."

Mary Ahern, CEO, ALPS



Get in touch and we’ll set up an initial meeting to ensure the chemistry is right between you and your coach. We’ll then discuss broad expectations of the coaching - what you want to achieve and by when. The one-to-one sessions will last no longer than three hours at a time and focus on:

  • Your most important needs
  • Your most important goals (are they the right goals?)
  • What is stopping you from achieving your goals
  • How the obstacles can be overcome

Every meeting will conclude with an action plan. Because coaching is so focused around the individual, it’s hard to say what tools and techniques we may employ to help you; however among others we may use psychometric tests (such as Myers-Briggs and Firo-B) or 360 degree feedback.

Take a look at the testimonials page to hear how executive coaching helped others with their personal development.

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Probably my best quality as a coach is that I ask a lot of challenging questions and let the person come up with the answer
Phil Dixon
A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.
Ara Parasheghian
The test of a good coach is that when they leave, others will carry on successfully.
Author Unknown
You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.
Bob Nelson
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