Although based in Northamptonshire, we work throughout the UK and Europe and are pleased to have been associated with some of the most prestigious companies within the following sectors:

Retail, Logistics & Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Construction, Farming, Education, Local Government, Banking, Finance, Engineering, IT, NHS, Private hospitals, Medical, Chemical, R&D, Insurance, Travel, Charities, Police, Legal, Housing Association, Highways, Telecommunications, Winemaking, Publishing, Brewing, Renewable Energy, Entertainment Management, County Councils, Fashion, Poultry

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What people have said:

  • Janice Amey
    Janice Amey, HR Manager, Alumet

    “Brian has worked with us extensively to help develop our vision and values into behaviours and activities which our entire workforce could understand and relate to. He also designed and very successfully facilitated a Management Training Programme which has resulted in some positive changes. If you need some help or support with your People strategies I can highly recommend Brian."

  • Mary Ahern
    Mary Ahern, CEO, ALPS

    "Through insightful questions and the use of real life examples, Brian is helping me understand how to be a better leader. The coaching sessions give me a clearer understanding of how people might respond to my actions and how I could improve my skills. My new self-awareness is allowing me to improve my leadership style, which is ultimately benefiting my company as a whole. Working with Brian is very enjoyable and a great learning experience. I would highly recommend him to others."

  • Richard Griffiths
    Richard Griffiths, Chief Executive, British Poultry Council

    “Brian’s approach draws the best out of individuals and teams. By helping you understand your own motivations, he puts a whole new and refreshing perspective on how you relate to the people around you. His assistance has definitely helped the organisation improve its performance.”

  • Dave Nicholas
    Dave Nicholas, Director, Phlexglobal

    "Brian designed and facilitated a thoroughly stimulating and enjoyable Myers-Briggs workshop for me and my team. I have received only positive feedback about the day which has enabled the team to improve their interaction with others. I have no hesitation in recommending him in helping to improve team relationships"

  • Arabella Griggs
    Arabella Griggs, Finance Manager, PD Hook

    "Brian is excellent in effective management training. I attended a couple of sessions and I'm pleased to say the course was very informative and lots of fun! Since then I've implemented the management techniques that I had learnt and they are working extremely effectively in my department. Well done Brian, keep up the good work!"

  • Peter Hannon
    Peter Hannon, Managing Director, Harting

    "We have worked with Brian recently on Myers Briggs training and a new Employee Competencies based program. His knowledge and enthusiasm is very evident. Brian's style is engaging and encourages self-thinking and development. His expertise and experience in facilitating change management has been an asset to our business"

  • Gary Collinson
    Gary Collinson, Clipper Tea

    "I and my staff found Brian to be both engaging and knowledgeable and the guys really enjoyed the course as well as learning some valuable skills. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Brian for his work".

  • Lee Summers
    Lee Summers, Director, Alumet Systems

    "Brian has very successfully worked with us to translate our vision, and our values into meaningful behaviours that all staff can relate to and buy-into. He has helped tremendously in motivating our workforce to deliver our vision via change workshops and management development programmes leaving us in a very strong position to face the future. His style and approach have been extremely well received by all levels of staff from Board Directors to factory operatives and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others".

  • Sam O
    Sam O'Keefe , Technical Manager, Ashland

    "With our business having to undergo significant changes, Brian designed and delivered a Team Development workshop with the objectives of getting people to work better together to resolve issues, to appreciate the benefits of team working, and for the team to learn more about themselves and each other. Our entire site went through the workshop and the results have been exceptional. People are reinvigorated and are working much better together. We now have an action plan to take us towards continued success."

  • Alex Howe
    Alex Howe, Production Manager, HARTING

    "When the opportunity arose to commission Brian for personal coaching sessions I had high hopes after seeing him in action previously. I can truly say that I have not been disappointed.

    Brian worked with me to create an action plan that is focussed on my own goals and offered well considered and constructive feedback. Brian has many effective strategies and is an excellent sounding board for ideas.

    I sincerely recommend Brian's services to anyone wishing to embark on a journey of self-development. The sustainable structure and clear emphasis of ownership to his coaching style and personable nature in my opinion is of the highest level"

  • Jackie Newman
    Jackie Newman, PD Hook

    "At PD Hook we fully appreciate that the continuing success of our business is totally reliant on having competent and well trained managers. With this in mind we asked Development Through Change to design a comprehensive management development programme for all of our managers. The results have been outstanding in terms of improving our managers competence, personal development and most important of all, a considerable improvement in our efficiency and productivity. Brian Perry's personal, professional and inspiring approach in designing and delivering a programme to meet our specific needs has enabled our managers to begin to fulfil their potential and leaves the company in a strong position for the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brian to any organisation planning on developing their managers"

  • Colin Matthews
    Colin Matthews, Director

    "Brian, I would like to thank you for an excellent series of well thought through and precisely focused sessions aimed at supporting my own journey to becoming a more effective manager. You listened to my questions and provided me with answers and activities that allowed me to fully own the process of change and improvement. And there was both change and improvement. I now understand the need to view, analyse and interpret inter personal relationships in a different, more objective and constructive way. This has helped with de-personalising issues and removed blocks to progress within the organisation already. You literally opened my eyes to the fact that I can make a difference by changing the way that I do things based on a better understanding of my own management psyche. I enjoyed working with you, learnt a lot and gained a great deal from the process, Thanks"

  • Cindy Pringle
    Cindy Pringle, HR Manager, CML Logistics

    “Brian designed and delivered a management development programme for us at CML. Our management team had little if any form of formal training and were nervous to say the least. Brian managed to win them over with his vast knowledge and understanding of the world of logistics and the everyday problems they encountered within their roles. Once he had won their trust, he was able to introduce them to new ideas and concepts to open their minds and challenge their preconceptions about managing people, processes and themselves.

    Our managers left the training with renewed confidence and enthusiasm which has carried on to this day - we can still see the effects from the training in our managers and how they conduct themselves and their role on a daily basis”.

  • Annie Lewis
    Annie Lewis, HR Manager, Interhealth Care Services

    "Brian proposed a workshop that would incorporate our needs of emphasising the importance of Customer Service internally and externally. By ensuring that the programme was designed to encourage the interaction between delegates resulted in the individuals being able to realize how their actions impact on the overall business objectives. The feedback from the first to the most recent workshop has been of a consistently high standard. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering the introduction of learning and development programmes in the workplace"

  • Jennifer Hughes, PowerPerfector

    "We found the course was well structured and paced, I particularly liked the practical sessions which gave us an opportunity to see the lessons and tips put to use. The time spent away from the office also gave our management team a great opportunity to bond and discuss the wider issues relating to managing our team at PowerPerfector. The management team are now communicating more effectively and striving to achieve new objectives. Brian was a great course leader, communicating the content very well and good at listening to our views and opinions. I would highly recommend the course to others."

  • Julie Wirth
    Julie Wirth, Argos Retail Group

    "As a relatively new Central Finance function providing services across a number of business units, we needed to align the team behind a common purpose. Brian developed and facilitated a team event which was relevant, memorable and enjoyable with key messages and theories strongly reinforced by dynamic activities."

  • Graham Copley
    Graham Copley, Managing Director, CML

    "CML is a supply chain management organisation with a team of c.250 employees.  We had experienced a significant period of sustained growth through to our year end.  With growth came a lot of internal promotions and to some extent the business had neglected the need for internal training to support the growth.  Training became a significant part of our strategy and we engaged the services of Brian Perry to improve our business efficiency and the management of our staff. 

     Overall the feedback from the training was extremely positive and it has had a tangible and direct impact on the confidence, ability and effectiveness of all the managerial team.  They now work better in teams, communication has improved and their overall ability to focus on the real issues to drive profit has helped to deliver a record breaking year for CML. Brian, helped provide the “shot in the arm” CML needed to regain focus on cost and the value of people  in a year when new sales were unlikely and economic outlook was bleak"

  • Financial Director,

    "I learned a lot from Brian when he delivered leadership training with my employer, so when I was looking for some one to one personal development I immediately turned to him. Brian discussed exactly what I wanted to achieve and then tailored the development accordingly. Then as my needs changed he adapted the plan to meet those needs. Brian challenged my thinking whenever that proved necessary, but helped me to understand my own behaviour and that of others."

  • Ruth Edwards, IT Manager, Interhealth

    "The entire Management Development Programme has been excellent and has made me think differently about everything I do in my role. It has opened up so many new possibilities for me. Brian was an excellent trainer, very friendly and helpful"

  • Vernon Barchou
    Vernon Barchou, Manager, Argos

    "Just a note to say thanks for all your hardwork last week at the Leadership and Personal Effectiveness workshop. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to complete a course which I believe will benefit both the company as well as me as an individual. It is not often that a course inspires, motivates and achieves the objectives of a diverse group of managers, but this course achieved all of my objectives plus more"

  • Daniel Dring
    Daniel Dring, Senior Manager, PD Hook

    "Brian was very approachable and involved all the course members. At no time was I made to feel uncomfortable. We were made to think and with guidance arrive at our own conclusions"

  • Tony Didcott, Manager, PD Hook

    "The course was very enjoyable and very beneficial. There was a sudden realisation of my own actions on others and the business. There were endless points of benefit, too many to list"

  • Phil Bevan, Director, Storm Aviation

    "Brian was confident in his delivery, he blended well with the team to enable a good understanding. He was able to direct / steer the day to meet my needs"

  • Pam Ashton, Vice Principal, King Edward VI College

    "In a number of managers there has been real growth as managers and a 'sea change' in the way that they operate with their team and with other colleagues. They are developing a great sense of responsibility for delivering the College's vision rather than seeing it as someone else's problem"

  • Delegate Leadership course,

    "So good I would have paid for it myself"

  • Karen Steed
    Karen Steed, Director of Finance, Air Ambulance Service

    "Brian is a very experienced coach and management trainer, and offers a service that is tailored to your needs. I was first introduced to him when my organisation asked him to deliver leadership training, and team development, and he produced a sea change of thinking in that organisation. So subsequently I have contracted with Brian personally as well, at times when I wanted new skills and tools to help my personal development move forward. I would recommend him to anyone looking for development skills/training for themselves or their team."

  • Nigel Boyle
    Nigel Boyle, PD Hook

    "I have had a series of one-to-one sessions with Brian that have been of high quality and have been spot on the mark as needed. I am sure other users would find the same in him"

  • Annie Roberts
    Annie Roberts, Interhealth Care Services

    "Brian designed and subsequently delivered a workshop that met the needs of the business by emphasising the importance of Customer Service internally and externally. The delegates were from different disciplines of the business and the sessions encouraged interaction between all delegates. This interaction resulted in delegates realizing how their actions impact on other parts of the business and the overall business objectives. Brian carried out a significant number of sessions as they formed part of the overall induction for new starters. The feedback at the end of each session was very positive, and there was a consistent message that the workshops were fun and enjoyable whilst at the same time staff appreciating the importance of the session. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone considering introducting learning and development programmes in the workplace."

I would highly recommend the course to others
Jennifer Hughes - PowerPerfector
Relevant, memorable and enjoyable
Julie Wirth - Argos Retail Group
Helped provide the 'shot in the arm' CML needed
Graham Copley - Managing Director, CML
So good I would have paid for it myself
Delegate Leadership course -
Wholeheartedly recommend Brian Perry
Jackie Newman - PD Hook
High quality sessions
Nigel Boyle - PD Hook
Left the training with renewed confidence
Cindy Pringle - HR Manager, CML Logistics
I sincerely recommend Brian
Alex Howe - Production Manager, HARTING
Stimulating & enjoyable workshop
Dave Nicholas - Director, Phlexglobal
Expertise has been an asset to our business
Peter Hannon - Managing Director, Harting
Helped in motivating our workforce
Lee Summers - Director, Alumet Systems
Resulted in Positive Changes
Janice Amey - HR Manager, Alumet
Working with Brian is enjoyable
Mary Ahern - CEO, ALPS
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